Tips to Prep Your Home for the Spring Market


Tips to Prep Your Home for the Spring Market

A new season often marks a sense of change in the air and for some homeowners, this spring will signify the start of placing their house on the market. Now’s the time to take advantage of a busier period, but not without some hard work first. Here are some tips to prep a property for the spring market and ultimately sell your home!


1. Landscaping: Spring has sprung, which means your yard should reflect that a different season is upon us. People are often anxious to see the first signs of spring, so consider yellow flowers to stimulate buying urges and feelings of contentment. For potted plants, arrange in groups of three or five near the entrance. Also, ensure overgrown vegetation isn’t blocking windows or walkways.

2. Mailbox: After a long winter, snow can dirty a home’s exterior and its surrounding objects. One place you might not think to clean is the outside of your mailbox, but first impressions are important in selling a home. When a potential buyer pulls into the driveway, leave no doubts that the rest of the house is just as spotless. It’s all in the details!

3. Patio furniture: Even if the cold weather is lingering longer than you’d hoped, it’s never too early to bust out the patio furniture and build a welcoming environment outside. Tables and chairs help buyers visualize how they can work with the space and generate ideas for their own private hideaway. The less buyers have to envision, the better.


1. Flooring: If carpet is covering your hardwood floors, consider ripping up the fabric since most buyers currently prefer exposed boards for its clean look and less likelihood to trap allergens. When changing flooring isn’t an option, shampoo and spot treat the carpet. Also, swap specific stained or damaged floorboards and refinish hardwood floors that are scratched or have lost their sheen.

2. Fixtures and hardware: A small fix to establish a more modern look in your home includes replacing fixtures and hardware. Minor details of the home such as light fixtures, bathroom mirrors, taps, shower heads, and cabinet handles are inexpensive to change and can make a huge difference in visual appeal. Remember to choose hardware not only for its appearance, but the feel of opening doors and drawers as well.

3. Walls: Potential buyers need to imagine living in their future home, so any trace of personal items should be removed such as picture frames or memorabilia. Eliminate unnecessary furniture or any bulky pieces that are cluttering your home. Be prepared to fill in holes and repair damaged spots that will now be easily visible in the bare walls.